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The event was created in 2000, after a survey made  by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Marseille, analyzing different economical operators coming from the Mediterranean Area. It showed the need to transfer technologies from Northern to Southern Mediterranean countries.

Since 2000, 11 editions have been organized by the ICC in collaboration with several organisms ( The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mediterranean Area’ Network,  “Enterprise Europe Network” , the Clusters , the ONUDI, the FAO , The Association of Chamber of Commerce in the Mediterranean area)  dealing with different themes .








2000 October Marseille 1st edition 60 participants Convention about  technologies transfert
2001 November Genoa 2nd edition 70 participants Exposition about the use of information and communication’s technologies 
2002 November Marseille 3rd edition 81 participants Business Convention. Presentation of 14 innovant projects
2003 October Tunis 4th edition 90 participants Business Convention. Water, logistics, transports 
2004 October Genoa 5th edition 120 participants, 75 BtoB Business Convention and first time organisation for the BtoB’s meetings. Sea’s protection: water and energies
2005 October Izmir 6th edition 152 participants Business Convention and BtoB. Waterculture, Fishing and Sustainable Development
2006 October Marseille 7th edition 150 participants, 270 BtoB Business Convention and BtoB.  Risk management and territory’s vulnerability 
2007 October Naples 8th edition 170 participants, 280 BtoB, 3 round table discussions Business Convention and BtoB.  The Sea, the Port, the Risks and the Environment.
2008 October Marseille 9th edition 154 participants, 430 BtoB, 3 round table discussion Business Convention and BtoB. Energy efficiency, eco-construction, biomass valorisation, hydrogen’s applications
2009 October Barcelona 10th edition 105 participants, 430 BtoB Business Convention and BtoB. Water management.
2010 October Casablanca 11th edition 124  participants, 426 BtoB Business Convention and BtoB. Energy efficiency.


IN 2010 :

The precise analyze of the results obtained after 10 editions, the expectations and the demands of participants took the organizers   ,starting from 2010, to focus on 2 main themes :  “WATER”  and “RENEWABLE ENERGIES “  that will be developed alternately .



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