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Launch of a 150 million Euros fund for green technologies

The French Agency for Environment and Energy Policy (Ademe) has announced, on Thursday 5th July, the creation of Ecotechnologies, a 150 million Euros fund managed by the Casse des dépôts et consignations (CDC) and dedicated to SME operating in the sector of green technologies.

The Ademe and the CDC both point out how “Ecotechnologies will invest sums from 1 up to 10 million Euros, systematically looking for co-investments in equal parts from private operators, following a logic of wise employment of resources.”.

The funds, which is financed through part of the 6.5 billion Euros allocated by the Government to the CDC as part of the “Programme of investments for the future”, “will be managed by CDC Enterprises, a branch of the CDC”


SME looking for investments

Its areas of intervention will be renewable energies, green chemistry, smart grids, waste recovery and depollution, together with the “vehicle of the future”.

“The fund Ecotechnologies addresses a specific issue affecting the field of green technologies:  despite the urgent need for innovation, several small and medium enterprises have very limited borrowing capacities and find it extremely hard to increase their equity capital, particularly when undertaking industrial activities” stresses the Ademe.



SOURCE: Le Monde



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