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Italy and France consume less energy

FRANCE/ITALY- While the world energy consumption, led by China and India, has increased by 2% in 2011, France and Italy have decreased theirs by 3% and 2% respectively, according to the figures released by Enerdata.

The report explains that French and Italians have consumed less oil and gas because of the general rise in prices and thanks to a relatively warm winter. With respect to energy consumption, the consumption has increased in Italy but decreased in France.

The two countries have, in addition, decreased their emissions of CO2 (3 % in Italy, -8 % in France) and experienced a rise in the production of solar energy and wind power. In Italy, a system of repurchase at high rates has allowed the production of solar energy to quintuple in one year only, allowing the country to become the second producer of the G20, behind Germany.


SOURCE: Econostrum



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