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Company Profile:
Dealer Tecno Srl was founded in 2008 as a small, innovative companies in research and application of innovative products within the area "Energy Alternatives to Zero Impact". This commitment has meant that even before the establishment, the expertise present on the farm led to the design and implementation of a prototype wind generator "vertical" with innovative technology, unique and called Xeolo. Meanwhile were acquired considerable recognition, we were rewarded in 2010 with the Ecopolis Award Enterprise Environment (Best Product)and selected by the Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation for participation in "Italy of Innovators" at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.The development of the project "Xeolo" is continuously implemented. The product can provide 6KW steady, continuing to properly size the size from 20 KW. Significant also are the certifications already acquired(RINA-IQNET-ISO 9001-2008 in accordance with UNI EN 61400-2)

Wind Energy Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 6-12-20 kW

What we offer:
The technology is supported Xeolo when, in early March, completed functional tests in wind tunnels at the Milan Polytechnic, the turbine was tested up to 45 m / sec The result of stable and efficient, confirmed and validated the value of patented innovative profile that do not need to start, triggering independently rotating only 1.78 m/s and remained stable, secure up to 45 m/s, with a decided increase productivity and efficiency with extreme winds as continues to deliver stable with about 60 revolutions per minute of only One revolutions per second, without emission of noise that exceeds the background and without vibrations."Xeolo" is inherently secure as running at 60 rpm maximum, is intrinsically safe and secure, does not generate noise and has an aesthetic and an innovative functional design. Unique in the world with these features vertical axis, provides a supply of 6 kW-12 kW-20 kW."Xeolo" is valued in the 'inclusion in an urban environment, contributing to the development of the areas with low environmental impact, as well as in the streets and roundabouts, and application in remote or rural houses and villas in which we energy independence or resell the energy produced (ca.12/15 Year Mega Watt, depending on exposure)

What we are looking for:
By creating a network of contacts both in Italy and worldwide, as well as an appropriate distribution, we would be able to export a high-technology product, intrinsically safe, attractive design "made in Italy that produces alternative energy inexhaustible zero impact environmental At this phase we are looking primaries foreign companies for develop a network of foreign agencies to commercialise and distribute our product all over the international territory.

    • Building Materials, Components and Methods
    • Construction Equipment
    • energy efficiency in buildings
    • Civil Engineering
    • Wind energy

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement

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